Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Temperature control

The weather station is almost ready. Due to complications, it took much longer than expected, but that will be the subject of a different post.
This one is about the temperature control system, of which I am very proud!

This year, since turning on the system, I had a problem, with the value of the actuator not being sent to the central, and since my control depended on it, it did not work. So I removed that dependency, since, as long as the desired temperature is higher than the current, the actuator will be open.

In the figure you can see a section of last week thursday, where the temperature was set to high for about 6 hours, and the actual temperature followed quite straightly.

Since the graphic is very compressed ( I only have 4 points per hour, thus 4 pixels per hour) normally it is difficult to see this!

The green line is the desired temperature, and the red is the current temperature.
The blue line in the bottom is the actuator, which is always at 0...

Here is a picture from last year, where the actuator was very visible.

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