Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project finished!

This is it! The OpenTherm JeeNode/Arduino interface is finished! and all ready to roll!

The prototype had been working for almost two months now, and finally the boards arrived from fabrication, I think the result was worth waiting for, and worth doing it! I got three identical boards, so if I mess up one I can go on with the next:

Bare boards

Very simple, but very effective :)
I thien collected the components, whe to buy the optocouplers, and incorrectly bought the 4N35 instead of the 4N27 that the prototype used, but only realised after they were already soldered, so I tested it, and they work fine! crisis averted:

All ready for assembly

Mounted everything, both the JeeTherm, and a JeeNode v4 I had around still to be assembled, and put it all in the enclosure:

Assembled, and in the enclosure, attached to the JeeNode

Another view

Had to fiddle a bit more to get the screen fitting in the cover, and connected to the JeeNode:

All ready for action

Checked that it all worked, and got it connected, instead of the prototype. It is now running happily:
Talking to the boiler

I am quite proud of the final result, it looks good and well packed, and I tried not to cut any corners this time, took my time, and tried to do it patiently...very often I end up messing up things in the rush to get them finished.

It is now in beta test phase, if it works well for the coming days, then I will attach it permanently, now it is still floating :)

Already thinking of the next project!