Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year!

Happy New Year!!

And this, I declared the "Bag Free Year" :) I explain: we have a bag in the kitchen, where we put all the bags we get from shopping, and, which are to be used in further shopping, garbage collection, etc. It is always our plan to carry a bag around in the pocket, so that we do not need to get one from the shop when buying something. I often have one in my bike rack, but still, the bag in the kitchen has been growing, as there are many occasions when we do not have a bag!
To add to the whole thing, the city where I live has started to collect plastic separately since the beginning of the year, so we decided to try to reduce the amount of plastic, and other garbage. In fact, we decided that if we have to buy a package, we will prefer the plastic ones! as those can go in the recycling instead of the burning oven. Metal is still allowed as that is easily separated.

So, to implement this I will place a paper in the kitchen, where we have to write every plastic bag we bring from the shops...sanctions are not yet in place...lets see what happens! maybe I create a pachube feed for the plastic bags :)

Lets hope this reduced the size of the bag in the kitchen!

Also in my plans is to measure how much garbage we generate by weighing all the garbage that leaves the house...but that is for later.

Meanwhile, have a happy New Year!

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