Thursday, June 4, 2009

Touchatag success

Some time ago I bought a touchatag, not to use their service, but because it is a pretty cheap RFID system.
I always wanted to experiment a bit with RFID and maybe try to get the garden door, the one from the street to the garden to open when we get there with the bike. I know a bit (not much) about the security risks of RFID and so I am weary of using t for any major goal. I figure that if a crook goes all the way to break into my system to unlock the garden door, which is pretty easy to jump anyway, it is probably not a standard lock that is gonna stop him.

So, I got it, tried to get it running with the RFIDIOt tools, but with no major success. But today I found a page saying that you must supply a certain parameter in order to get it to use the proper reader. So I came home, tried it and SUCCESS! I manage to read the tags! now I just have to find some sort of daemon to notify an application that a tag haas been brought into, or out of, contact. It must exist so I'll keep searching!

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