Monday, June 15, 2009


I just bought a couple of JeeNodes from JeeLab, the Lab behind bringing affordable wireless technology to the arduino! It is not mainstream yet, in fact I think only a couple have been built and sold, but I think it is great simple technology!

So I got my kits, 2 boards, with all the necessary components, and assembled it. The Atmega168 that comes in it already has the arduino boot code burnt in it, along with a demo of the RFM12 radios for test purposes.

To interface with the little JeeNodes a FTDI interface cable (?) is necessary, but since I didn't have one, I remembered that the Arduino can function as a serial data relay when the Atmega is not there, so I connected the jeenode to the Arduino. Only 4 cables: GND, Power, RX and TX. I guess you could only connect the reset, but I couldn't figure that out, so I left it out.

My plan is then to burn the images using the arduino and then transfer the Atmega to the JeeNode board.

Plugged it in, only one, and I could communicate with it. Checked both, and both work!! great little boards, kits and service from JeeLab!

now I still have to solder the antennas (forgot those) and the headers (was too much in a rush to get it running) and then start playing with these little devices.

I am even happier since I think one can connect 8 inputs to it. I thought it was only four. So I can make my little remote weather station, with wind speed sensor, light sensor, temperature, humidity (maybe these can even get in through the TWI) and if I am lucky wind direction sensor.

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