Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Power Orb complete

Finally!! you might say!
I fact, it has been a while since it is operational and running on the wall, but I had no time to report.
So here they are, the photos! where you can also see my home made home server enclosure.

The little black dot at the right, where the balls hit the wall (not the screw) is a little piece of metal that pushes the push button when the ball is touched, and it also helps keeping the ball in place, as it is pivoting on the other side on one screw only!

During the day it is not very visible, as the led is not very high power (on the contrary), and there is plenty of light coming in through the door, but the red and the purple are quite visible, even during the day, which is good, because those are the colors that it is relevant to see.

So for details. The processing is pretty simple: if there are more than 2 pulses from the gas meter in 20 seconds (0.03 cubic meters per minute) or 2 pulses from the electricity meter in 10 seconds (6Wh per minute) the light glows red. As soon as that doesn't happen, it turns back into green.
It is in my plans to make it average the consumption, so that it gives a better indication, since now we will probably not see it while it is red, since by then we are either in the shower (spending gas) or in the kitchen (spending electricity). Also should change the amount of glow depending on the amount of consumption. But all that is for later!

As for the purple, it comes up when someone rings the doorbell, and overrides all other indications. To reset, all you have to do is press the ball lightly, and it will turn the the appropriate color, indicating the consumption.

The code will come soon, I guess in a google code acount. If you want it, just drop a message!

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