Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Growling door bell

In my quest to complicate things, but to use the available technology, as you might remember, I connected the doorbell to the computer.
So, if someone rings, the internal beeper makes a little funny noise, not very loud, and the power orb turns purple!
The problem arises when I am upstairs, probably at the computer and do not hear the little beep, so, I thought of making some kind of listener daemon for the mac that would listen to messages in the network, only to find out that it already exists (technology advanced a lot while I was not looking...) and it is called Growl. After that and almost by accident I found a php library for growl, which is great, because all my server and home automation stuff is done in php, including the eternal cycle of checking if there is an additional line in the doorbell rings databse and sound the beeper if so. From there to a growling doorbell was just a few lines of code.

Even cooler is to setup the messages from the doorbell application to be spoken! Then the mac tells me that there is someone at the door! That is why the message is so verbose - it makes it cool when spoken! I managed to record it! The only way I found to get it here was to make a little movie out of it...so here it is!

As usual, if you want the code, just drop a line!


Aimz said...
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Aimz said...

Ahhh that is so cool! I wish I was able to program useful things like that. Nice blog!