Sunday, March 22, 2009

No progress...on the electronics front

So here is a quick progress...the spring seams to have arrived, so I have been taking care of the garden, and doing some we have to wait for it to germinate!

I also have been taking care of the bike, which now has a complete set of new brake pads - note to self: do not brake too hard, since it will either damage the rear tire, or I'll end up jumping from the bike!

As for the house, I almost finished the roof insulation, with some little bits missing, awaiting for the new boiler to be installed in the attic, must contact an installer though. The savings might reach 50% with respect to the prediction curve!
I also found a modern, space-age material to insulate the floor with, which is light, easy to apply (stapling) and just creates some air pockets to prevent the circulation of the cold air. I might try to get it installed during the summer. I'll let you know more about it soon!

As for the electronics, I ordered and received some RFM12B transceivers, RFM01 and RFM02 transmitters and receivers from, all went smoothly. Now I must get them to work with the arduino.
Also got a touchatag RFID reader, which I managed to get working on the mac, but not yet under linux. I want to use it independently of the touchatag service, in standalone mode, in order to do some more automation.

Meanwhile, the server is now up for 190 days!! What a victory!

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