Monday, February 9, 2009

Ambient orb for doorbell indication and electricity and gas consumption

Just a quick note to report on the progress of the ambient orb.
I coated the other half of the ball with white primer paint from a can I had laying around, and the results are really nice.
Take a look!

If you notice, on the left side, there is a little ear in the ball, so I'll just screw the ball to the drywall using the ear, install a microswitch opposite the ear, and it will be one with the wall. I reckon it will look good!

Now I will prepare the software for the arduino and the server, and when I reboot the server, I'll reinstall the whole thing. It might take a while, since, as you may recall, I am trying to go the whole heating season without rebooting the server that controls the heating, so far 163 days! But that allows me some more time to prepare the LED and think about the project!

Note: the reason why I can't disconnect only the arduino and install this without rebooting has to do with the (mine) crappy programming of the listener to the USB, which doesn't close the port. If I use Ctrl+C and disconnect the arduino, I'll not be able to connect to the arduino again without rebooting. I sorted that out in the new version of the listener, but, for the same reason I can't install it.


João Silva said...

Hello again!
you should give more details on how did you manage such good light mixing with the orb. From the Blue picture to the Red picture, the improvement is fantastic! You managed a almost uniform light mix.

Alex said...

As I wrote in the article (RTA) I coated the ball with a white paint, which happened to be primer because that is what I had laying around, and that did the trick.
Indeed the light is pretty uniform!