Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Another improvement

As you might remember, I have a prusa i3 on loan, and had an issue with the cables to the servos breaking due to the movement of the axis. You can read all about it here.

Consequently, when building the Blocks Zero printer, I payed particular attention to the routing of the cables, and securing them such as to avoid excessive stress at the most fragile point, i.e. where it enters the connector. The problem is that the movement induces fatigue at the point the cable joins the connector pins.

It doesn't appear to be such a big problem in the Blocks Zero, as only one servo moves, and moves along with the Z axis, making it not too mobile. Still, I decided to make a jacket for it, to hold the cable slightly above the connector, to maintain the cable/connector connection free of movement.

This is the result:

Again, the printer is so accurate that I first printed a part with an extra 0,5mm tolerance, and it was too loose. I ended up printing one with the exact 42mm.

As usual, the models can be found at the warehouse.

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