Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It's been a while since the last post! But I've been busy nevertheless! With electronics, as usual, but also with a completely different kind of thing: sewing!

Last year we got a new camper van, with a popup roof. We use it mainly to go to sunny places, but, either in the way, or at the destination, sometimes there is the eventual rain, and that got me concerned, as the tent that pops up is made of cotton, and although waterproof, when it rains it gets wet, and if I need to lower the roof with the cotton wet it is not very handy. Not a big problem if you are in a warm place for a few days, as it will dry, but if it keeps on raining...

So, time for a solution. First, a google search revealed that there are a few commercial solutions, which are not more than a plastic enclosure to put over the popping roof to keep it dry. As I almost ordered one of these, the holidays were approaching, and it occurred to me that we have a sewing machine, which I always wanted to learn how to use.

Spent one night getting to know how to run the line through it, and how to get all the different stitches and then I felt I was ready.

Bought a big blue tarpaulin, I think it was 3 meters by 4 meters, layed it over the poped roof, and marked the lines I would have to sew.
The night before we departed I was until 1 in the morning sewing the thing, including some eyelets to tie it down to the car, so no time to check if it fitted well or not. Off we went into one more road trip.

Already in the first week we had an opportunity to use it. The rain was coming, so we placed the CarolTop over the van. It was easy, less than 5 minutes with 2 persons, and it did the job! It fitted, although it needs some adjustments, and it kept us dry.

I now plan to redo it using a lighter weight material, like a tent cloth, and once I do that, and have the right sizes figured out I'll publish it here. Meanwhile, here are some photos, I even made a logo for it!
Needs some adjustments on this side, it is not very tight.

 Here is the logo I made, at 1am.

The eyelets, spread around to allow it to be tied down.

 View from the other side, this side is nice and tight.


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