Saturday, November 26, 2011

On the way to a finished project

An enclosure is also important! and now that the OpenTherm interface is working, all the software is written, and I just put it to work less than an hour ago (lets see how that goes...), I also went searching for a box.

I went to my trusted shop, probably one of the last in Holland to sell components offline, it is the last one for at least 40Km around...probably more...and found some boxes from Hammond Manufacturing.

These are great, as they have card guides and can fit a Jeenode precisely!! here are some photos:


The low one, one has to cut the flange of the lid to be able to close it (and maybe grind a bit of the sides of the JeeNode), the higher one, which I will be using just fits it all with no problems!!

Here is also a graphic of the gas usage with the first hour with the OpenTherm:

before I always about 4 blocks of burning, as a saw tooth -  burning level increasing slowly, from 0.01 to 0.05m3 per minute in 4 to 5 minutes...maybe I'll try to get one of those images for comparison.

And a bit of the radio transactions already digested:

seq: sequence
set: set temperature received from server
out: temperature of the water leavng the boiler
ret: temperature of the water returning to the boiler
status: status of the boiler

seq       set   out   ret  status
3483    38    42    37    10    @    Sat Nov 26 16:04:19 2011
3523    38    42    38    10    @    Sat Nov 26 16:04:59 2011
3563    38    43    38    2    @    Sat Nov 26 16:05:40 2011
3603    38    39    38    0    @    Sat Nov 26 16:06:20 2011
3643    38    38    38    0    @    Sat Nov 26 16:07:00 2011
3683    38    38    38    0    @    Sat Nov 26 16:07:40 2011
3723    38    38    37    0    @    Sat Nov 26 16:08:20 2011

apparently, the boiler allows an overshoot, or tries to control the water such that the return temperature is controlled...still need to investigate this further...

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