Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home dashboard V2

Since the last post, not much has happened, but I have been busy with the dashboard.

I made some changes to it, so here it is:

The left dial is the electricity consumption, and the one on the right is the gas. They go from 0 to 5, so at the moment I took the snapshot, there was a very high electricity consumption - vacuum cleaner :)
The pointer indicates the instantaneous consumption, the white number the total for the last hour, the blue number (month) is the running total for the last 30 days, as well as the cost, which is simplz the number in blue multiplied by the average cost.

It is all made using HTML5 canvas, and AJAX (I think...). On the server side, php does the job of answering the requests. The thing updates every 5 seconds, and the temperature updates every couple of minutes. The agenda fetches data from google calendar and does that only at the moment the page is loaded, so the plan is to reload the page every few hours (my agenda hardly changes...)

I now have to polish it a bit, to display properly in portable devices - it works in android 2.1 - and to lighten the load on the database structure is far from ideal, and the requests take a very long time to process - 1 to 2 seconds - when most data doesn't change that fast.


James Seigel said...

Is this something you have found or written? If you've written it, are you going to open source it?


Alex said...

I've written it myself, I'll post the code soon! for those interested!