Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thermal camera

This past week I got a hold of a nice infrared camera! or thermal camera or however those things are called...

Due to unforeseen circumstances, however, I didn't have as much time to play with it, as I had foreseen, but nevertheless, I managed to take a few snapshots.
The weather has also been pretty warm (as warm as it get in Holland...) and so it was difficult to get the ideal conditions to identify heat leaks.

One of the main purposes that I was interested in it, is that we are about to change the windows, which are now steel frames - ideal cold bridges - to some high-tech aluminium profile with high performance double glass. So I wanted to snap some shots of the current windows before the new ones come in so that I can compare. I will anyway compare in the energy spending next winter. By the way, the next post will probably be the energy assessment for the past winter.

I'll get the camera again once the windows are in! and the cold sets in!

So, there is not much to say about these, but the images are nice! Here are some samples, outside the temperature was about 6C and inside 15C:

Fig. 1: The iron/steel frames, almost as cold as the outside

Fig. 2: The house outside. Upstairs we already have the nice aluminium windows, with the super glass

Fig. 3: The electricity meter - gets pretty warm in there. It would be interesting to compare it to an old fashioned one.

Fig. 4: The CNY70 doing the gas metering

Fig. 5: Heating pipes when starting to warm up, the inflow is pretty warm , as the return is still cold. That is the best case.

Fig. 6: Old cast iron radiator warming up.

Fig. 7: GU10 spots - This one is a kind of CFL

Fig. 8: GU10 spots - this one is a standard halogen.

Fig. 9: GU10 spots - this one is a 3.5W LED

Fig. 10: Just a funny picture of a plug with a switch that I use in the computer to have it completely off when not in use.

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