Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tektronics 453

Just got an old Tektronics 453 Oscilloscope that was going to go in the garbage!! Looks great and it works! which is the most important part! now I can finally check the hall effect sensor I got in Taiwan when near the water meter to see if I can detect the parts rotating inside the meter. At this moment the signal is smaller than what the Arduino can detect, and I would like to see the signal before starting to build an amplifier - also to know how much amplification does it need!

It came with 2 probes, nice old ones, one from Phillips and one from Tektronics! I think there are some more goodies where this one came from (my wife got it for me from the lab at her work), but I don't know what they are yet (my wife has no idea what these things are, or what they are for!)
Out to try out my new toy now!!

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1HITWonder said...

I own a Tek 453 also and it's a great old scope (and room heater!) I bought a number of probes on eBay for it so you might check there for some. You may be aware of Ed Cheung's work on water meter (and possibly gas meter) monitoring. Check out his website at...

He makes use of a more sensitive magnetic sensor and shows a circuit for converting this to a usable level.

Good luck.